Asociación de fabricación aditiva
Asociación de fabricación aditiva

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15 February, 2024A company with a global presence requires tools that provide insight into its history, current affairs and immediate future. With the aim of providing customers, suppliers and users with information about the group's day-to-day activities in Industry 4.0, Aritex is today launching a new website in Spanish and English. An intuitive and easy-to-navigate portal that shows the history of a company with more than 60 years of experience and a leader in the automotive, aerospace, wind power, digitalisation and software industries.

Thanks to a simple and clear menu, it is possible to consult the activity of the five business units of the Aritex Group: Aritex Engineering, Aritex Automation, Aritex Code, Aritex Mobility and ATX Robotics. Each business unit now displays its areas of expertise, products, solutions and services in a very orderly fashion. This strategy is in line with Aritex's commitment to enter the industrial, collaborative and mobile robotics, digitalisation, IIoT development and augmented reality markets. In this way, it makes up a complete digital portfolio that favours the company's continued evolution and commitment to innovation and new technologies to boost the efficiency and productivity of its customers.

A commitment to useful, quality content

As opposed to fast and immediate browsing, the company is committed to a slow and detailed reading, which allows the user to delve deeper into its fields of action, business areas and key projects. To facilitate this, the website provides information on the company's attendance at trade fairs and technical conferences, downloadable resources and useful information on its commitment to innovation and R&D&I development, as well as access to the after-sales section, where users can contact the technical support and maintenance department.

In this sense, another of the novelties compared to the brand's previous portal is its blog. A constantly updated space that seeks to get closer to the professional to discover the latest engineering trends and offer clues on how technical innovation is transforming engineering with efficient and quality processes. Here, users can already find articles and clues to understand how new technology is shaping process engineering in the various fields in which the company operates.

Promoting transparency and accountability

The Aritex website stands out for being open, participative and committed to sharing information with honesty, coherence and clarity. This is evident in the company area of the website, where users can find out more about the Aritex Group's corporate social responsibility policy.

With the launch of the new website, the company has set up a whistleblowing channel that allows anyone to report incidents. It promotes transparency and is committed to establishing a safe and respectful working environment, in which protection and justice are guaranteed.

The project to develop the new website, which has been underway for just over a year, will continue to be updated with new content on a regular basis. With this new tool, Aritex's Human Resources team will be able to manage talent more efficiently, as candidates can now easily send their applications, find out about the team behind the activities of the group with a national and international presence, and decide to join it.




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