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12 June, 2024TUPI has signed a contract to implement the first AutoStore robotic system in Paraguay with the help of Smartlog. This collaboration marks a major breakthrough in the country's e-commerce and marketplace sector.

With more than 25 years of experience and steady growth, TUPI needed an efficient solution to manage a growing volume of orders in its physical and online shops. The need to address omni-channel and daily replenishments became increasingly relevant to maintain its value promise to customers.

Smartlog Group, known for its focus on innovation, will be in charge of implementing AutoStore, a cube-based robotic storage and order picking system that optimises space and picking management. This system enables efficient product handling, high picking rates and high-density storage operations. AutoStore robots process the orders, locate the bins with the requested SKUs and transport them to the workstations for picking.

The installation of AutoStore will allow TUPI to increase efficiency, productivity and stock control, offering faster and more effective delivery to its customers. This development reaffirms TUPI's commitment to the continuous improvement of its operations.

‘With this commitment to technology, TUPI consolidates its position as an innovative company in the retail sector in Paraguay, improving logistics and customer service,’ says Miguel Riveros, Director and founder of TUPI.

"We are pleased to have signed this contract with TUPI and to be able to introduce the first AutoStore in Paraguay. This project reflects our commitment to logistics efficiency,’ says Xabier Zubizarreta, CEO of Smartlog Group.

The collaboration between TUPI and Smartlog demonstrates the focus of both companies on innovation and customer satisfaction, positioning TUPI as a pioneer in the adoption of advanced technologies in the Paraguayan market.

This implementation represents a response to the growing demand for efficient logistics solutions in an expanding market. The integration of AutoStore is a step towards the modernisation of the retail sector in Paraguay, offering consumers an improved shopping experience and businesses greater competitiveness in the market.

In summary, the agreement between TUPI and Smartlog to implement the first AutoStore system in Paraguay underlines the commitment of both companies to innovation and operational efficiency, setting a new standard in the e-commerce and retail industry in the country.




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