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09 May, 2024Smartlog Group is celebrating its eighth anniversary, a period marked by constant evolution, growth, innovation and leadership in the logistics automation sector. During this time, they have achieved significant milestones and made a positive impact on the industry.

Since its inception in 2016, Smartlog Group has experienced exponential growth, doubling its turnover annually in double digits. With over 170 installations deployed in more than 15 countries and a presence in more than 40 industries, its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction has culminated in the success of 130 customers.

Growth has also been seen in the number of employees, from 2 founding partners to 122 people in the Group, with a presence in Europe and subsidiaries in Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa. 2023 has been a key year to consolidate a solid base and start operations in France to continue to expand in Southern Europe. In the second quarter of 2024, Smartlog will land in Mexico, marking another significant step in its internationalisation strategy.

The incorporation of key companies such as Sinpel, Dinaiz, WIS (management and monitoring software companies) and Lositek (healthcare solutions) has strengthened their portfolio and positioned them as leaders in the logistics industry. In addition to solutions for logistics centres, they offer healthcare solutions aimed at automating the dispensing of medicines in hospitals and automating production lines in the aviation, automotive, offshore wind power and maritime sectors.

They have a comprehensive portfolio of technologies that includes AutoStore, Smartsorter, Smartpallet, SmartAMR and vertical storage systems, as well as more conventional solutions such as AR/SR, conveyor systems, etc., as well as cybersecurity and facility renovation. With the integration of the company WIS into the Group, they are moving towards the development of a powerful Software Suite for data management and exploitation, adding advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and iIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) with the aim of making logistics increasingly resilient, with its own capacity to anticipate and adapt to unexpected events with the application of AI.

More than 25 installations of AutoStore by Smartlog

Smartlog Group has become the largest implementer of the AutoStore robotic storage and order picking system in Spain, with more than 25 installations, including the first AutoStore in Uruguay, Panama, Dominican Republic, and the first temperature-controlled AutoStore in Spain, as well as the first Grocery AutoStore in the country.

The Smartpallet, a multi-directional robotic system designed for the storage, handling and order picking of pallets, allows multi-directional movements and movements between levels, giving the flexibility to move any pallet to any storage space within the system. In addition, its ability to carry heavy loads of up to 1,500 kg ensures exceptional performance in demanding logistics environments. The first two pioneering systems will be deployed in the state this year.

5G Experimentation Centre

The 5G Experimentation Centre created at its headquarters in Urretxu incorporates technologies such as artificial vision for traceability, biometric identification and generation of machine and operator behaviour parameters. In addition, 5G technology makes it possible to create Zero Trust architecture environments in terms of cybersecurity by having a network in which only authenticated elements communicate. This solution contributes to improving the efficiency of logistics processes as a whole.

Sustainable model oriented towards people's well-being

This year, Smartlog Group has incorporated Sustainability as a central pillar in its future strategy, adopting a holistic vision that encompasses environmental sustainability, occupational safety, customer well-being and corporate social responsibility. Its aim is to generate a lasting positive impact on society and ensure the well-being of future generations.

In this line, they will continue to grow and expand into new markets and will continue to invest in innovation and technology to offer the best solutions to their customers.

Their purpose is to ‘Create a new logistics that is sustainable, resilient and focused on the well-being of people’. This approach known as Logistics 5.0 is reflected in their intralogistics solutions, designed to be efficient, sustainable and smart, contributing to their customers' success and overall well-being.

At Smartlog, they provide unique intralogistics solutions and services with the most innovative technologies. They are committed to providing personalised, local and unbounded service, making processes more sustainable, intelligent and resilient to contribute to business success.




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