Asociación de fabricación aditiva
Asociación de fabricación aditiva

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10 June, 2024Renishaw and Ideko have announced a strategic partnership during the Biennial International Machine Tool Exhibition (BIEMH) in Bilbao. This three-year agreement includes the exchange of technologies, equipment and personnel, as well as the implementation of joint projects.

Iñaki Beitia, Renishaw Ibérica's Area Sales Manager for northern Spain, stressed the importance of this alliance: ‘We are very excited about this alliance with Ideko, with whom we share the same DNA’. Renishaw, a company specialising in intelligent manufacturing, measuring and additive manufacturing systems, will have a space at Ideko's facilities in Elgoibar (Gipuzkoa) to showcase its most advanced technologies. These include the Agility 5-axis three-dimensional machines, several Equator gauges and calibration equipment, such as the RCS T-90 robot calibrator.

For Ideko, this agreement represents the start of a stable partnership with a leading company in precision and metrology, areas crucial to the centre's specialisation. ‘We are embarking on a joint journey from collaboration at laboratory level to the integration of advanced solutions in machines and production lines, thus consolidating a future of innovation and excellence in precision,’ commented Rafa Lizarralde, Ideko's Technology and Transfer Director.

Partnership Facilitated by Danobatgroup

The link between Renishaw and Ideko has been strengthened by Danobatgroup, an industry group specialising in advanced manufacturing solutions. Ideko is a technology partner of Danobatgroup, while Renishaw has been a historic supplier of technology for many of its product lines. This pre-existing relationship has paved the way for the new collaboration.

Significance of the Agreement in the Regional Context

The agreement was announced in a strategic context, as machine tool solutions are a key business area for both entities. Moreover, the Basque Country is a leading region in this sector, home to the majority of machine tool manufacturers and distributors in Spain. This environment provides an ideal platform for Renishaw and Ideko to further their collaboration and develop innovations that will benefit the industry.

With this alliance, Renishaw and Ideko are positioned to lead innovation in advanced manufacturing, joining forces to develop solutions that improve accuracy, efficiency and quality in manufacturing processes.




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