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15 April, 2024Modula, the multinational leader in the design and manufacture of advanced automated storage and picking solutions, recently announced the latest developments and enhancements to its highly customisable product line. These innovations are designed to suit a variety of industry sectors and companies of all sizes.

The updated products, introduced at the end of 2023, are specifically developed to respond to the needs expressed by customers. These solutions present multiple benefits, including space optimisation by leveraging the verticality of warehouses, improved accuracy and time reduction in picking processes, increased safety and ergonomics for operators, and a significant decrease in picking errors along with improved inventory control. Each product is distinguished by unique features that make them stand out in the market.

In addition, Modula offers an advanced suite of warehouse management software (WMS) that transforms inventory management and item traceability. This software provides a variety of configurable packages that adapt to customers' different logistics processes, enabling real-time integration and synchronisation with the company's ERP systems or host platforms. This ensures comprehensive control and guarantees uninterrupted continuity in business flows.

Modula Next

Modula Next represents the evolution of vertical tray storage, designed to optimise the picking and storage of goods within a fully automated system. Unlike traditional warehouses where the operator must manually search for items along the entire length of the tray, Modula Next eliminates this need thanks to its innovative mobile shutter system. This system is automatically activated to expose only the specific compartment containing the material required by the authorised operator, reducing picking errors to 0%.

Particularly valued in critical sectors such as luxury, aerospace, pharmaceutical and electronics, where minimal errors can result in significant risks or high costs, Modula Next offers superior performance. In these areas, very similar products are often stored together, and accuracy in picking is critical.
In addition, Modula Next is offered as an ideal vending machine solution for consignment stock. This system can be transformed into an automatic dispenser of required parts, tools or spare parts, located directly at the customer's premises.

Outstanding benefits include streamlined workflows, more efficient stock management and comprehensive activity tracking. It offers 100% real-time inventory control for both supplier and customer, as well as significant cost savings related to errors and non-optimisation.

Modula Pallet

Modula Pallet is an advanced technological solution, designed to autonomously and safely handle Euro pallets of dimensions 1200 x 800 mm, as well as pallets and boxes of similar dimensions. This system stands out for its quick and easy installation, as well as offering significant advantages: it allows pallets to be handled directly from the floor, eliminating the need to use forklifts, and acts as an efficient buffer in goods receiving and dispatch areas.

The Modula Pallet loading bay not only measures the dimensions of the incoming pallet, but also verifies its weight and height. Based on this data, the system automatically identifies the most suitable position for the pallet among those available in the warehouse. The bay is designed to be used with both manual and electric pallet trucks, facilitating the loading of pallets directly from the floor without the need to lift them, which reduces the risk of accidents and eliminates working at heights and the dependence on forklift operators.

In addition, the Modula Pallet allows parts to be picked directly from the side windows of the loading bay, without the need to completely remove the pallet from the machine. This feature adds flexibility and efficiency to the material handling process.

The Modula Pallet is also designed to offer mixed handling. Some trays are used for pallet storage, while others incorporate Lift technology to store loose materials, packaged materials or boxes. This allows for an efficient distribution of storage space, with one bay dedicated exclusively to pallet handling and another for standard picking.

Modula: Synonymous with Innovation and Flexibility

Since its foundation in 1987, Modula has integrated innovation into its DNA, constantly engaging in the search for and development of new technological solutions. Its core philosophy, based on "modularity and flexibility", is reflected in the adaptability of its products, from the dimensions of the trays to the height and width of the automated warehouses. This versatility allows them to adjust to the specific needs of any product, as well as to the size and space available in the installations of companies in any sector.

Modula is distinguished not only by its technical capacity, but also by its strong customer focus. Agility, commitment, passion and respect are the pillars that define their operational approach. They prioritise human relationships over purely commercial aspects, valuing customers, employees, partners and collaborators alike. This people orientation is fundamental to the way they operate and is one of the reasons why Modula remains at the forefront of the industry.




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