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12 June, 2024ABB Robotics has unveiled OmniCore™, an advanced automation platform that promises to revolutionise industry with its speed, accuracy and sustainability. This innovative platform, the result of an investment of more than 0 million, marks a radical shift towards a modular control architecture, enabling the full integration of artificial intelligence, sensors, cloud and edge computing systems. The goal is to create more advanced and autonomous robotic applications, ready for future challenges.

Sami Atiya, President of ABB's Robotics & Discrete Automation Business Area, highlighted the strategic importance of automation for its customers, who are seeking greater flexibility, simplicity and efficiency in a context of labour shortages and the need to operate sustainably. ‘Thanks to our development of advanced mechatronics, AI and vision systems, our robots are more accessible, more capable, more flexible and mobile than ever before,’ said Atiya. ‘OmniCore represents a new milestone in our 50-year history in robotics, integrating our range of leading hardware and software under a single platform and language.’

World Class Performance and Accuracy

The OmniCore platform excels in path accuracy, with a margin of error of less than 0.6 mm and the ability to operate at speeds of up to 1,600 mm per second. These features enable new automation opportunities in high-precision tasks such as arc welding, mobile phone screen assembly, gluing and laser cutting. In addition, OmniCore enables robots to run up to 25% faster and consume up to 20% less energy compared to previous ABB controllers.

Modular and Scalable Architecture

OmniCore is based on a scalable and modular control architecture, offering more than 1,000 hardware and software functions. This allows companies to create almost any application imaginable, facilitating adoption in industries such as biotechnology and construction. Featured features include Absolute Accuracy and PickMaster® Twin software, as well as hardware options ranging from external axes and vision systems to fieldbuses.

Marc Segura, Divisional President of ABB Robotics, highlighted OmniCore's ability to manage motion, sensors and application equipment in a single unified system. ‘OmniCore opens the door to ABB Robotics’ entire hardware and software portfolio, offering endless possibilities and more avenues for value creation,’ Segura explained. ‘For example, it enables automotive manufacturers to increase production speed, increasing pressing output from 12 to 15 strokes per minute to produce 900 parts per hour.’

50 Years of Robotics Innovation

OmniCore is the latest advancement in ABB Robotics' 50 years of innovation, from the first microprocessor-controlled robot in 1974 to the recent acquisition of Sevensense in 2024, integrating AI-based navigation technology for mobile robots. This new platform will replace ABB Robotics' IRC5 controller, which will be phased out in June 2026. ABB will continue to support its customers with spare parts and services throughout the remaining life of the robot.

In summary, OmniCore™ represents a significant evolution in robotic automation, offering companies an advanced and sustainable solution to meet future challenges. With this platform, ABB Robotics reinforces its commitment to innovation and leadership in the robotics industry.




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