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16 May, 2024On 23 May 2024, the city of Madrid will host Super Metal Day, a key event for the metal industry, focusing on automation and advanced technologies. Organised by ABB in collaboration with leading companies such as Bcnvision, Fronius and, the event will be held at the Fronius Spain facility in Getafe, highlighting its commitment to promoting more sustainable and efficient manufacturing practices through the use of artificial intelligence and robotics.

Super Metal Day, now in its second year, focuses on addressing the critical challenges facing the metal industry by presenting automation solutions that can significantly improve manufacturing processes. During the day, the latest innovations in robotics, collaborative vision welding, quality control and data management will be showcased, accompanied by live demonstrations and interactive sessions.

One of the highlights will be a round table discussion, where experts and industry professionals will discuss real applications and case studies, providing a space for open debate on the challenges and specific solutions in automation for the metal industry. The event will also include the participation of Óscar Gil, Chairman of the AEC Automotive Commission, as a special guest, who will share his experience and knowledge on the subject.

In addition to the technical presentations, Super Metal Day will feature an exhibition space where attendees can interact directly with the technologies on display and participate in a hands-on session including exclusive live demonstrations of quality control, collaborative and industrial welding applications. This hands-on approach is designed to tangibly demonstrate the benefits of advanced automation and machine vision solutions.

The event will culminate with a networking session in a relaxed and collaborative environment, providing an excellent opportunity for attendees to exchange views and answer questions about implementing automation in their operations.

Super Metal Day is aimed at companies of all sizes interested in starting or improving their automation processes, from startups to large corporations, highlighting the accessibility and benefits of industrial automation to increase production and reduce costs in a constantly evolving sector.

For more information about the agenda and to get your free ticket you can visit this link.




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