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Robottions is a company that offers robotic solutions to companies to address logistics and production problems. In addition, it is dedicated to training specialized personnel in industrial robotics at the user, programmer and integrator level, in order to train them to manage these new processes. The Robottions team has carried out installations for the last twelve years with the aim of optimizing industrial processes in factories located in Spain, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Cyprus and the United States.

At Robottions, they stand out for the following activities:

  • They develop custom software, which can be integrated into the solutions they offer or enhanced to fit existing business systems.
  • They carry out the programming of custom palletizing and depalletizing cells, adapted to industry 4.0, which are connected to the company's ERP and operate completely autonomously.
  • They design intralogistics systems for the automation of cargo ships using autonomous vehicles (AGV) and automated warehouses. They also automate existing facilities and manual processes by implementing collaborative robotics solutions (CO-BOTS).
  • They install machining cells for various types of materials, from soft materials such as porex, wood and plastics, to mediums such as solid surfaces, Kryon and Korian, as well as hard materials such as marble and granite.
  • They are specialists in welding cells, both for unique pieces and for long series. They offer online and offline programming options with CAD/CAM and simulation.
  • They provide consultancy and advisory services on issues related to industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Over the years, Robottions has accumulated experience in automating industrial processes. Thanks to the synergies established with benchmarks in their respective sectors, such as SwissLog, Grupo Orbel and ASTI, the company has the ability to turn its clients' ambitions for automation, integration into industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing into a tangible reality.



Robot Solutions S.L.

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