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Asociación de fabricación aditiva

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Robottions, a company that is part of Orbelgrupo, specializes in process optimization. With extensive experience accumulated in more than 50 international projects, the company has the ability to improve the efficiency of fixed, mobile and social robotics applications.

Its main objective is to bring robotics closer to real-world applications, focusing on optimization, efficiency and savings as its main performance criteria.

At Robottions they are proud to be an integral part of Orbel Grupo, a conglomerate of leading companies in multiple sectors. This strategic collaboration provides Robottions with strong support and access to an extensive network of knowledge and resources. They work closely together to foster innovation and provide cutting-edge robotic solutions that not only transform the industry but also exceed their customers' expectations.

The solutions they offer are:

  • Mobile Robotics: Robottions is dedicated to designing solutions for intralogistics automation in a variety of freight environments, using autonomous vehicles (AGVs) and automated warehouse systems. They also offer automation services for existing facilities and manual processes, through the implementation of collaborative robotics solutions (CO-BOTS). In addition, they are founding members of the Spanish Mobile Robotics Association (ARME).
  • Fixed robotics: In this area, the company carries out an exhaustive analysis of its clients' processes and provides recommendations on the most appropriate type of robot for each application. They have extensive experience in the integration of new and used robots of various brands, offering support at an international level. They also provide automation solutions for existing facilities and manual processes through the implementation of collaborative (CO-BOTS) or industrial robotics.
  • Industrial software: Robottions develops custom projects that can be integrated into its solutions or used to improve systems already in use by the company. Its approach is based on the application of advanced technologies such as Machine Learning and Big Data to ensure that its solutions are adaptable to industry 4.0. This allows them to offer valuable tools, such as Predictive Maintenance (PM) and Learning from the analysis of company data, to optimize efficiency and operational performance.


Human Robot Solutions S.L

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