Asociación de fabricación aditiva
Asociación de fabricación aditiva

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MURRPLASTIK is a worldwide reference company in intelligent cable management. Specialists in energy package solutions for robots, one of its most important sections is cable protection for high-impact dynamic applications for anthropomorphic robots as well as developing retraction systems and accessories for all types of sectors where automation is more important (automotive, packaging, pick&place, automated warehouses, etc.). It offers both empty energy packages and a complete energy harness solution with cables, hoses and connectors of all types. With regard to collaborative robotics, MURRPLASTIK has certificates issued by the most important manufacturers (Universal Robots, TM Robot / Omron, Aubo Robotics, etc.). It is one of the fastest growing fields of automation in the last 10 years due to the commitment to a safe collaboration between human operator and robot, and MURRPLASTIK is committed to a non-intrusive but high quality solution to protect cables and not hinder the user in their daily work.

In addition, another of the strongest sections, the cable chains, protect cables in applications with movement in hundreds of applications (from retractable covers in stadiums, tracks for robots, machine tools, laser and plasma cutting, lifts, 3D printing machines, etc.). Manufactured in plastic or steel, they offer hundreds of thousands of cycles of perfect operation, avoiding breakages and production stoppages.



Murrplastik, S.L.

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