Asociación de fabricación aditiva
Asociación de fabricación aditiva

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Their universally applicable fastening elements - for the various axes of all common robots - can be combined to form individual assemblies that provide the necessary support for the hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical components of the dresspacks.

The specially developed cable protection conduits for complex robot applications withstand the extreme loads and movements. "Made by muurPlastik" stands for the highest quality. Specifically modified materials and special conduit geometries ensure best protection and durability.

They configure and produce customized dresspacks according to customer specifications, including all cables and media conduits, as a complete assembly for installation or replacement on site. Their well-designed components give the robot the necessary freedom of movement at high working speeds and precise repeatability with a long service life.

Their extremely easy to assemble, durable and low-noise energy chains are used whenever a linear, movable guidance of cables and conduits of various designs is permanently required. For many decades, they have been successfully used, for example, in machine tools, robots and crane systems, in mechanical engineering as well as in conveyor, automotive and systems technology.

What makes their glass-fiber-reinforced plastic energy chains stand out is that they are optimally adjusted to a wide variety of applications. Their application engineers put together customer-specific energy chain systems from the extensive, constantly growing program. With their online chain configurator mp-ChainBuilder 4.0 you can put together your individual energy chain system with the best price-performance ratio in just a few minutes.



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