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Asociación de fabricación aditiva

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For more than 10 years, Robotplus has been a company specialized in consulting and distributing collaborative robots or #cobots, where we define and supply the most adapted solutions for each project, incorporating the latest robotic technology available on the market, leader in its segment. .

We are experts in offering robotic solutions to companies, making the transition to an industry 4.0 increasingly necessary in Spanish industry possible and affordable. Adding value to production lines, optimizing processes through Cobots and their robotic accessories. The Robotplus team is mainly made up of engineers with high training and experience in the field of industry, our main vocation being customer service.

Robotplus offers a wide range of products that are applicable to practically all sectors of the industry, with the largest volume being the automotive sector, and in recent years obtaining high growth in other industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, intralogistics, etc. … The vast majority of our products have been designed to help and interact with people in the production chains of large multinationals, our main objective and vocation being to offer solutions adapted to the needs of small and medium-sized companies.

A great example of this are the collaborative robots from Universal Robots, which free workers from the most repetitive, tedious, dangerous or heavy tasks, assigning staff to other more specific activities that improve company productivity. Another of the brands we work with is Mobile industrial Robots, autonomous mobile robots that help companies optimize internal logistics and take on the most monotonous and time-consuming tasks without the need to restructure the facilities. As for traditional robotics, they offer a wide range of robotics products and accessories to provide comprehensive solutions, such as Yamaha's traditional Cartesian robots.

In addition, Robotplus is committed to training. They have a room specially designed for this, where we teach courses on collaborative robotics, logistics robotics and traditional robotics. Having a good employee training plan improves the brand image and prestige of the company. The training of employees motivates and this motivation ensures the success of the company, helping to make people more competitive, allowing greater business projects to be achieved.

Robotplus wants to become the technological partner of reference, combining high professionalism with a competent and efficient service.




C/ Londres, 10 local comercial C5 - 28805 Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)



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